Urban forestry of pennsylvania

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We offer expertise in the following services:

Tree Trimming

For the safety of your home and property, our trimming services are thorough and extensive and include anything from thin-outs and clean-outs to  shaping, crowning, dead-limbing, or removing full tree limbs and leads!

Tree Relocating & Planting

We can dig up and relocate trees up to a certain size and height or pick up new trees from a vendor and plant them where requested to compliment or shade your property over the years!

Tree Removal

With 10 years of experience in tree removals of all shapes, sizes and locations you can rest assured knowing your tree will be taken down safely and securely!

Land Clearing, Undergrowth Management

Have an overgrown area of your property or maybe a few acres needing logged or cleared? We've got you covered with the equipment and resources to clear and clean up any overgrown or over-crowded areas.

Grading & Excavating

We offer a variety of excavating services including lawn repair or re-grades that tie into services through our sister company Til Sundown Landscaping!

Log Sales & Wood Chips

Because we like to see every part of a tree put to good use following removal, we harvest logs and have a variety of full length logs as well as milled boards. We also have an ongoing supply of wood chips great for covering weed areas or forest trails.

Storm Damage 

We offer 24/7 service for emergency cleanup following a storm including hazard tree removals or debris pickup.

Fully Insured through Capitol Insurance Group.

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